more than conqueror (rap)

Yo yo yo! Y’all people of God
Make some noise into the crowd
and scream "Yeah! Yeah! God is good"
for He has done all that He could
to save us all from the pit of hell
then our soul can praise Him saying "It is well"

     When God is here,
     who then shall we fear?
     Rise up! Rise up! Warriors of God
     Tell the world what this is all about
     of His love and grace that we received
     so people can be saved if they believe

Listen to your calling, no doubt about it
Know your destiny, for Him separated
Don’t hesitate, just concentrate
Read it all in Rome chapter eight
More than a conqueror, more than a victor
He promised to be with us forever and ever!

     He’s the Word.


PS: Derived from the song "More Than Conqueror" written by Leony & Henry.
Peace, guys! 🙂


there’s one thing that all people in the world have in common
"everyone has secrets", each to his or her own
mixed with hidden motives and personal agendas
yep, we’re all in the same boat together
some people are better in keeping secrets than others
but some are hopelessly like an opened book
by preference or genetics, I have no clue

                                   secrets come in many different ways and sizes
                                   it can be a dreaded foe or a powerful ally
Secret_1a matter of life and death or a fool’s joke
potential profits or the most destructive weapon
our society is governed by how well people guard their secrets
the more secrets you hold
the higher your responsibility
the more you get paid
but at the same token
the more deceptions you need to create to hide it
                                   the more burden you will bear
                                   most will make you farther away from God

this is the universe we live in
may God gives us wisdom and strength
to know how to live in the world full of deceits
according to His grace and mercy
for we know that in the end
there will be no stones left unturned
no deceits unfolded
no lies uncovered
no more secrets
only truth


As We Worship You

As we worship You, let all the world come and see
How the mercy we received from You can set them free
As we worship You, let all this joy that fills our hearts
Bring a hunger and a hope to those who strayed so far

     As we bow in adoration and stand in reverent awe
     Show Your majesty and glory, let Your anointing fall
     As we declare Your name Lord Jesus as the only Name who saves
     May the power of Your salvation fill each heart we pray

As we worship You, let all the nations hear our song
Song of Jesus and His blood that proved His love for all
As we worship You, may all the lost and broken come
May they hear Your still small voice call out their names each one

     As we worship You…

(Tommy Walker – 1998)

For You Alone

Handpray_1You are the peace that guides my heart
My help in time of need
You are the hope that leads me on
And brings me to my knees

For there I find You waiting
And there I find release
So with all my heart I’ll worship
And unto You I’ll sing

     For You alone deserve all glory
     For You alone deserve all praise
     Father we worship and adore You
     Father we long to see Your face

     For You alone deserve all glory
     For You alone deserve all praise
     Father we love You
     And we worship You this day

(Don Harris – 1990)


Potterclay_2_1Lord, You are the Potter
I’m just an unformed clay
You know what’s best for me
Mold me according to Your will
So I become a useful vessel
For Your glory alone


without You…

I’m like fire without air
a ship without navigation
a buoy without anchor

Bouy_5 without You…

life’s not worth living
everything has no purpose

You’re my reason to breathe
everyday I life is to thank You
all I am is Yours, Lord

despair & hope

Sand Castlesuch vexation…

     vanity of vanities, said quester
     life’s nothing but speck of dust
     like building castle in the sand
     gone one second and it vanishes

yet I cling to faith…

     that God will treat us kind
     giving chances so we would find
     how I wish to meet you someday
     believe we will find our way


if only…

endless are the times for us to enjoy
happiness surrounds us always
all our questions have the answers
marked are the path of our journey

     if only we know how…

to say the exact words we want to say
and gather every strength that we may
to understand what we truly feel
knowing that the truth will fulfill

     I love you… I really do
     Do you love me too?


The Journey – Part I

What an ironyAscending_1
One man’s misery is another’s glory
A tragic end shall befall
Life is funny after all

Yet another irony
Brought me such agony
Things I detest I couldn’t resist
Life is indeed a test

Take courage! they say
Get yourself the strength to obey
Yet not by my own power should I strive
Only by His power I can survive

This is what I trust
God is good and just
No matter what happens
My life is in His hands