there’s one thing that all people in the world have in common
"everyone has secrets", each to his or her own
mixed with hidden motives and personal agendas
yep, we’re all in the same boat together
some people are better in keeping secrets than others
but some are hopelessly like an opened book
by preference or genetics, I have no clue

                                   secrets come in many different ways and sizes
                                   it can be a dreaded foe or a powerful ally
Secret_1a matter of life and death or a fool’s joke
potential profits or the most destructive weapon
our society is governed by how well people guard their secrets
the more secrets you hold
the higher your responsibility
the more you get paid
but at the same token
the more deceptions you need to create to hide it
                                   the more burden you will bear
                                   most will make you farther away from God

this is the universe we live in
may God gives us wisdom and strength
to know how to live in the world full of deceits
according to His grace and mercy
for we know that in the end
there will be no stones left unturned
no deceits unfolded
no lies uncovered
no more secrets
only truth


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