more than conqueror (rap)

Yo yo yo! Y’all people of God
Make some noise into the crowd
and scream "Yeah! Yeah! God is good"
for He has done all that He could
to save us all from the pit of hell
then our soul can praise Him saying "It is well"

     When God is here,
     who then shall we fear?
     Rise up! Rise up! Warriors of God
     Tell the world what this is all about
     of His love and grace that we received
     so people can be saved if they believe

Listen to your calling, no doubt about it
Know your destiny, for Him separated
Don’t hesitate, just concentrate
Read it all in Rome chapter eight
More than a conqueror, more than a victor
He promised to be with us forever and ever!

     He’s the Word.


PS: Derived from the song "More Than Conqueror" written by Leony & Henry.
Peace, guys! 🙂

One thought on “more than conqueror (rap)

  1. ke mdm tussard ati-ati nanti jadi spt pilem “House of Wax”
    hahaha… j/k deh..
    jd pengen ke HKG neh, terakhir 1997.. 😦

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