despair & hope

Sand Castlesuch vexation…

     vanity of vanities, said quester
     life’s nothing but speck of dust
     like building castle in the sand
     gone one second and it vanishes

yet I cling to faith…

     that God will treat us kind
     giving chances so we would find
     how I wish to meet you someday
     believe we will find our way


if only…

endless are the times for us to enjoy
happiness surrounds us always
all our questions have the answers
marked are the path of our journey

     if only we know how…

to say the exact words we want to say
and gather every strength that we may
to understand what we truly feel
knowing that the truth will fulfill

     I love you… I really do
     Do you love me too?


The Journey – Part I

What an ironyAscending_1
One man’s misery is another’s glory
A tragic end shall befall
Life is funny after all

Yet another irony
Brought me such agony
Things I detest I couldn’t resist
Life is indeed a test

Take courage! they say
Get yourself the strength to obey
Yet not by my own power should I strive
Only by His power I can survive

This is what I trust
God is good and just
No matter what happens
My life is in His hands