All Animals Must Be Free!

     No, this is not about Madagascar the movie…  🙂

     Last weekend I was in Hong-Kong and had a chance to visit Ocean Park.  There are many seafood… err, I mean sea creatures in that place.  They are all inside the aquariums and some of the nice beautiful fish are put in solitary aquariums.  This is to keep their natural ‘jewels’ & ‘crowns’ intact and the aquarium protected them from being eaten by the other fish.

Img_2209_small     Instead of its name, Ocean Park has one species that isn’t come from the ocean, and they have been made resident to this Hong-Kong recreational place.  Yes, it’s the couple giant panda Jia-Jia and An-An.  They have been there since 1999 when HK returns to China, and the symbolic gesture from China was giving these two giant creatures to HK.

     I’m not a pro-animal liberation or anything (though the title soulds like it), but one visit to the panda cage has started me to wonder.

     Imagine you are An-An (the male panda), and these are my version of the situation that you will experience:

You are almost extinct and you’re put in a big cage simulating your ‘natural habitat’.  Food are provided, the weather are controlled systematically and you are being put in solitary mode so you can ‘be protected’.  Your only soul-mate (Jia-Jia) is as old as your mother and you can’t see her simply because these so-called humans thought you are a ‘solitary’ animal that better to be kept alone.  Yet, there are bunch of these so-called humans of all sized and ages who come in and out of your cage and they are as loud as a new year celebration during Y2K…  Talking about being solitary?  Not even close!  You try to sleep, but no can do, sir… these so-called human sounds like the buzzing of busy bees all day long, how can you sleep then?  And this happens all day every day all year long for the last 6 years…

     If I am An-An, I will agree that life as a panda is not that enticing… In fact, it sucks big time.  But what can one panda do besides eating 14 hours per day, do its daily business, and sleep…  What is its purpose in life besides becoming a spectacle to people all around the world and become a selling product in a commercial world?  (think Tare-Panda)

     So what do you think?  Should they be free, or should they be kept in a cage?  Somehow I thought they would be better off if they are given a larger cage as big as Manhattan with no visitors… but that’s just me.  🙂


Carpe Diem

HourglassTime passes by in a hurry
Life slips away like hourglass sand
Gone for good, never to return
Only reminiscence of the past

    Everyone that lived in the past
    Everyone that will live in the future
    All saying the same words to the present:
    Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

Capture the moment, whatever we can
Knowing time will never return our way
Seize it, pray for grace from God’s hand
Then nothing will stand in our way


Note: Derived from song lyrics "Seize The Day" by Carolyn Arends

The Journey – Part II

Two_roads_1Everything there in this life
All under our power of choice
But once choice is made
We become its bond-servant

     Choices determine destiny
     But take courage in this fact
     God won’t let His children down
     His guidance and wisdom abound

It is that very juncture
Two roads diverged in life
Taking the road less-traveled by
One choice makes all the difference


Derived from "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost

Choices – Yoda Style

Rots_m15_4     Full of choices, life is
     Choice to fulfill our own desires in one side
     Choice to fulfill God’s desire in another side
     Stuck in between, we are sometimes

     Our own desire, very deceptive it has been
     The dark force is strong with this one
     Know the best for ourselves, we do not
     Pain, suffering, leading to the dark side

Know what’s best for us, God does
As light to our path, God’s Words are
Pray for God’s wisdom everyday, we must
A disciple of the True Force, we shall become


“If you are not with me…”


     I consider myself blessed by the fact that I was given free tickets by my company to watch the three Star Wars episodes (1 to 3) when they were released in cinemas.  🙂  In its latest installment, Anakin Skywalker told his master Obi-Wan Kenobi before their final battle "If you are not with me, then you are my enemy."  The Jedi master then replied "Only a Sith deals in absolutes."  That dialog will be known as one of the most memorable quote from all Star Wars episodes for many years to come.

     The movie depicts as if believing in absolutes is a bad thing.  In real life, without the absolutes people will have no guidance, nothing to rely upon.  It’s like people wondering in an unchartered area without knowing where they are from and where they are going; wandering aimlessly.  The law of physics has the famous "Theory of Relativity"; nevertheless, the formulae itself has something called a constant variable which is the speed of light.  The theorem allows light to be bent or biased, but the speed is always constant.  Relativity is based on absolutes.

     Apostle James wrote in James 4:5, "…whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God" (ESV).  The world’s side mentioned here includes our own position and everything else that doesn’t submit under God’s Kingdom.  This is an absolute principle stating that if we are not in God’s side, then we just made ourselves God’s enemy.  It is very clear-cut: God’s side or the world’s; there is no middle position, no abstain votes.

     Moses asked the Israelites in Exodus 32:26 to select the sides where they would like to be, and the Levites selected God’s side.  It is repeated by Joshua at the end of his tenure as the leader of the Israelites, and he boldly stated "… as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15 – ESV)

     The very same message is now given to all of us: which side are we on?  Do we want to be on God’s side or the world’s side?  Remember that God’s plan is the most perfect for us; plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give us future and hope (Jeremiah 29:11).

                                        If you’re not with God, then you are against God.