July 21, 2003

I woke up that day like any other dayGoing to the office, earn a livingBusiness as usual…Until I received a dreaded phone call:"Ben, our dad is no more. He’s gone home." Like hearing thunder in the middle of the daySpeechless, I quickly stood up in a daze Are you kidding me?How come, what happened?God, is […]

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it’s here, there, no matter where you goover a promotion or a pay-raise over someone’s love and affection over gaining other people’s respect nobody wants to but they feel it anywayit cuts real deep, piercing the heart losing grip, losing focusconsuming our heart, mind… soul… suddenly it becomes very clearwhat rights do you have to […]

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My Heart Will Trust

I’ll walk closer now on the higher wayThrough the darkest night will You hold my handJesus, guide my way O You mourn with me and You dance with meFor my heart of hearts is bound to you Though I walk through valleys lowI’ll fear no evilBy the waters still my soulMy heart will trust in […]

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