The Journey – Part III

FootprintsBleak, mystery of the future
Vague, feared by many before me
Stay, comfort zone beckons
Why, avoid imminent change

Yet destiny calls still and strong
’tis time to step forward
Dare to venture into the unknown
Dare to face failure

Know this my soul
When you have no where to go
God will be your guide
He himself will carry you

His calling is beautiful
To be a blessing to much people
Surely time will testify
How excellent are His plans


One thought on “The Journey – Part III

  1. Ruben, I just known him for abt 1 yr only. At the moment, we are in “process”, although I believe his is more dramatic.
    What I can tell abt him from this blog: He realized that everything happened because there are always the purposes behind it. I’m learning that now. He who has begun from the beginning will be faithful in finishing it!
    And we really have the conviction: everything is in His hands, and will be beautiful according His “chaeros” –sori, dun know the correct spelling 😛

    PS: Hubungi gua kalo dah mau pulang Jakarta ya. all d best….


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