Farewell note to my colleagues


Today I just sent a farewell message to all my colleagues in HP.  It is my last day working in this company, and I have met a lot of people within the company from many countries.   Some of them were with me when I first joined the company back in ’96, so to finally say goodbye to the familiar faces in the office is a very difficult thing to do.  After I managed to click the Send button, and within minutes the replies came flooding my inbox.  All say the same thing: "All the best" and "Keep in touch".  Well, I really hope they meant what they say… 🙂

I will definitely miss my colleagues and though I may not meet some of them anymore, I hope that our lives will cross paths again someday.  My only wish is that what I have done during my time in the office has blessed and enriched my colleague’s lives somehow, as theirs have enriched mine.

Good luck to all of you, my friends.  Stay in touch.