The worst feeling…

Last Friday night, I lost my O2 mini handphone.  It felt as if a part of me is lost.  I have tried searching my car, my bag, the carpark, the office, the restroom, and all other places that I can think of, until I have come to the conclusion that someone has stole it.  I had trouble sleeping that night.  Well, it’s not because how much it had cost me to purchase it, but more than that, I have lost my personal notes, sermon notes, recordings, bible bookmarks, and so on and so forth… I have just realized how that device have become the extension of my brain, and I am no longer the same without it.

That experience reminded me of how much God yearn for all of His people to come back to Him.  We are created to become His joy and masterpiece, and yet most of the time we choose to get away.  When we get away from God, I can imagine how much pain it brings to His heart.  He becomes restless and yes, He keeps searching for us until we come back to Him once again.  I never realized that by losing my handphone, God is trying to teach me how we as God’s sons and daughters most of the time doesn’t care about the lost souls.  Our mind is occupied with our worldly duties and our hearts have gone numb to the people’s need of salvation.  Maybe this is a wake up call to all of us, especially to me.  The feeling of losing a handphone is deep enough to teach me how God feels when His ultimate creation has gone lost.  It is like the shepherd who kept searching for the lost sheep, it’s like the woman who have lost her diamond earring, so do we need to be vigilant in finding lost souls and bring them back to God.


PS: The worst feeling is actually when I said something that hurt my dearest love’s heart.  It just kills me when she poured out her heart to me and all I can say is that I am such a big idiot and that I am truly sorry & I love you, hun…