Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope – My First Impression

The latest Ubuntu version 9.04 code name Jaunty Jackalope (a very peculiar name, I might add) has just been released last week on April 23 ‘09. This release comes with some new features as stated in Ubuntu.com, so as with many other Linux enthusiasts, I download the ISO for desktop live CD, and install this version.

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Installing Ubuntu 8.10 using Wubi

First of all, I have switched job since the last time I posted on upgrading Ubuntu 7.10 to 8.04. Sadly, that means my laptop has to be returned to my previous employer and there I have to say goodbye to my nicely set up Ubuntu 8.04.

Now that Ubuntu 8.10 has arrived, so that I only have the option to clean install the new Ubuntu release. But which clean installation process to select?

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How to upgrade Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 to Hardy 8.04

OK, now that the latest Ubuntu Linux has been released, a lot of people want to try and test the system, myself included.  Of course, the first option is to download the live CD and test it myself, which I did. After knowing that all the devices in my computer are supported well (at least, most of the devices that I am using), then I want to upgrade my existing Gutsy installation to Hardy. However, there is a catch…

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