For My Dearest

Me_ngEvery morning I wake up
I thank God for His goodness
But most of all…
For bringing you into my life

   Thousand words can’t describe
   Million pictures can’t express
   The wonders that He brings
   Now that you are here with me

May we continue the journey
With God as our Guide
To take on life’s challenges
Side by side, forever



I know that every event happens for a purpose
But I can’t think of one for your existence

I know that God allows all things to happen for our own good
But I don’t see any goodness coming out from you

Oh how I wish you never exist in this world
You dirty-little-rotten-useless-blood-sucking mosquitoes!!!


The Journey – Part III

FootprintsBleak, mystery of the future
Vague, feared by many before me
Stay, comfort zone beckons
Why, avoid imminent change

Yet destiny calls still and strong
’tis time to step forward
Dare to venture into the unknown
Dare to face failure

Know this my soul
When you have no where to go
God will be your guide
He himself will carry you

His calling is beautiful
To be a blessing to much people
Surely time will testify
How excellent are His plans



it’s here, there, no matter where you go
over a promotion or a pay-raise

over someone’s love and affection

over gaining other people’s respect

Koukouseijealousynobody wants to but they feel it anyway
it cuts real deep, piercing the heart
losing grip, losing focus
consuming our heart, mind… soul…

suddenly it becomes very clear
what rights do you have to be jealous
when time and again we have made Him so
He who has all the rights – the "Jealous One"

thank You for the lesson learned
to give love and respect where they’re due
for once your heart filled with His love
jealousy will no longer reign


Carpe Diem

HourglassTime passes by in a hurry
Life slips away like hourglass sand
Gone for good, never to return
Only reminiscence of the past

    Everyone that lived in the past
    Everyone that will live in the future
    All saying the same words to the present:
    Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

Capture the moment, whatever we can
Knowing time will never return our way
Seize it, pray for grace from God’s hand
Then nothing will stand in our way


Note: Derived from song lyrics "Seize The Day" by Carolyn Arends

The Journey – Part II

Two_roads_1Everything there in this life
All under our power of choice
But once choice is made
We become its bond-servant

     Choices determine destiny
     But take courage in this fact
     God won’t let His children down
     His guidance and wisdom abound

It is that very juncture
Two roads diverged in life
Taking the road less-traveled by
One choice makes all the difference


Derived from "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost

Choices – Yoda Style

Rots_m15_4     Full of choices, life is
     Choice to fulfill our own desires in one side
     Choice to fulfill God’s desire in another side
     Stuck in between, we are sometimes

     Our own desire, very deceptive it has been
     The dark force is strong with this one
     Know the best for ourselves, we do not
     Pain, suffering, leading to the dark side

Know what’s best for us, God does
As light to our path, God’s Words are
Pray for God’s wisdom everyday, we must
A disciple of the True Force, we shall become