Corporate Open Source Tools

I have joined my current company for a few months now, and I start to understand the dire situation of the IT department. Frankly speaking, the current state is far from perfect.. very far! For one, there are… The complete version of this blog can be seen here. Advertisements

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One Sunday afternoon I had a flat tireWhen I changed the tire, someone offered helpBut I ignored him…Just pretending he’s not thereHeard too much stories out there about people offering helpAnd in the end ripping you offAm I being paranoid, or just simply looking after myself?I don’t know… One Sunday evening I saw a manLying […]

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“Mengeluh” (Self-Pity)

A friend of mine sent this article to me (sorry, it’s in Bahasa Indonesia), and I think this is true and a good reading for all of us. Hope this can be a blessing to you too. —– Sebuah kata sederhana yang mungkin jarang kita gunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, tetapi seringkali kita praktekkan langsung baik […]

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The worst feeling…

Last Friday night, I lost my O2 mini handphone.  It felt as if a part of me is lost.  I have tried searching my car, my bag, the carpark, the office, the restroom, and all other places that I can think of, until I have come to the conclusion that someone has stole it.  I […]

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About Taking Risk

Well, it’s time for me to write about the only thing that’s always on my mind ever since I came back home… Now that I’m here, what am I going to do? It is the same one question that almost all my friends were asking me, and to their disappointment I always answer: I have […]

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     This past weekend, one of my colleague were setting up a farewell party in his house for another colleague who’s migrating to Australia later this week.  I was invited along with the others in our office department.  All of my colleagues brought their kids along, and the farewell party automatically became the kids […]

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Go Round-And-Around…

      Last Sunday I went to the Singapore National Day carnival at Marina Bay.  One of my friend was kind enough to pre-booked the ticket for us for half the list price.  But when we got there, we could actually purchase the ticket at the same price… 🙂  Anyway, we went to the carnival […]

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