One Sunday afternoon I had a flat tire
When I changed the tire, someone offered help
But I ignored him…
Just pretending he’s not there
Heard too much stories out there about people offering help
And in the end ripping you off
Am I being paranoid, or just simply looking after myself?
I don’t know…

One Sunday evening I saw a man
Lying on the roadside after being hit by a car
But I kept on driving…
Thinking, there should be a lot of people ther that can help
I need to go to another place quickly
Besides, the police may asked me to be a witness
Though I was there only to help and got nothing to do with the accident
Am I being selfish, or just simply looking after myself?
I don’t know…

Today I was walking on the roadside
Someone came to me and asking something
But I kept on walking…
Maybe he wanted to sell things
Maybe he wanted my money
Besides, there are many people in the nearby bus terminal
Ah, someone there should be able to assist that guy
Am I being ignorant, or just simply looking after myself?
I don’t know…

I really don’t……


“Mengeluh” (Self-Pity)

A friend of mine sent this article to me (sorry, it’s in Bahasa Indonesia), and I think this is true and a good reading for all of us. Hope this can be a blessing to you too.


Sebuah kata sederhana yang mungkin jarang kita gunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, tetapi seringkali kita praktekkan langsung baik secara sadar maupun tidak sadar. Beberapa waktu lalu saya berkumpul dengan teman-teman lama saya. Seperti biasanya kami membicarakan mengenai pekerjaan, pasangan hidup, masa lalu, dan berbagai macam hal lainnya.

Setelah pulang saya baru tersadar, bahwa kami satu sama lain saling berlomba untuk memamerkan keluhan kami masing-masing seolah-olah siapa yang paling banyak mengeluh dialah yang paling hebat.

"Bos gue kelewatan masa udah jam 6 gue masih disuruh lembur, sekalian aja suruh gue nginep di kantor!" "Kerjaan gue ditambahin melulu tiap hari, padahal itu kan bukan "job-des" gue" "Anak buah gue memang bego, disuruh apa-apa salah melulu".

Kita semua melakukan hal tersebut setiap saat tanpa menyadarinya. Tahukah Anda semakin sering kita mengeluh, maka semakin sering pula kita mengalami hal tersebut. Sebagai contohnya, salah satu teman baik saya selalu mengeluh mengenai pekerjaan dia. Sudah beberapa kali dia pindah kerja dan setiap kali dia bekerja di tempat yang baru, dia selalu mengeluhkan mengenai atasan atau rekan-rekan sekerjanya. Sebelum dia pindah ke pekerjaan berikutnya dia selalu ribut dengan atasan atau rekan sekerjanya. Seperti yang bisa kita lihat bahwa terbentuk suatu pola tertentu yang sudah dapat diprediksi, dia akan selalu pindah dari satu pekerjaan ke pekerjaan berikutnya sampai dia belajar untuk tidak mengeluh.

Mengeluh adalah hal yang sangat mudah dilakukan dan bagi beberapa orang hal ini menjadi suatu kebiasaan dan parahnya lagi mengeluh menjadi suatu kebanggaan. Bila Anda memiliki dua orang teman, yang pertama selalu berpikiran positif dan yang kedua selalu mengeluh, Anda akan lebih senang berhubungan dengan yang mana? Menjadi seorang yang pengeluh mungkin bisa mendapatkan simpati dari teman kita, tetapi tidak akan membuat kita memiliki lebih banyak teman dan tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah kita, bahkan bisa membuat kita kehilangan teman-teman kita.

Yang menjadi pertanyaan adalah mengapa kita mengeluh? Kita mengeluh karena kita kecewa bahwa realitas yang terjadi tidak sesuai dengan harapan kita. Bagaimana kita mengatasi hal ini. Caranya sebenarnya gampang-gampang susah, kita hanya perlu bersyukur.

Saya percaya bahwa di balik semua hal yang kita keluhkan PASTI ADA hal yang dapat kita syukuri.

Sebagai ilustrasi, Anda mengeluh dengan pekerjaan Anda. Tahukah Anda berapa banyak jumlah pengangguran yang ada di Indonesia? Sekarang ini hampir 60% orang pada usia kerja produktif tidak bekerja, jadi bersyukurlah Anda masih memiliki pekerjaan dan penghasilan. Atau Anda mengeluh karena disuruh lembur atau disuruh melakukan kerja ekstra. Tahukah Anda bahwa sebenarnya atasan Anda percaya kepada kemampuan Anda? Kalau Anda tidak mampu tidak mungkin atasan Anda menyuruh Anda lembur atau memberikan pekerjaan tambahan. Bersyukurlah karena Anda telah diberikan kepercayaan oleh atasan Anda, mungkin dengan Anda lebih rajin siapa tahu Anda bisa mendapatkan promosi lebih cepat dari yang Anda harapkan.

Bersyukurlah lebih banyak dan percayalah hidup Anda akan lebih mudah dan keberuntungan senantiasa selalu bersama Anda, karena Anda dapat melihat hal-hal yang selama ini mungkin luput dari pandangan Anda karena Anda terlalu sibuk mengeluh.

Try it now:

1. Bersyukurlah setiap hari setidaknya satu kali sehari. Bersyukurlah atas pekerjaan Anda, kesehatan Anda, keluarga Anda atau apapun yang dapat Anda syukuri. Ambilah waktu selama 10-30 detik saja untuk bersyukur kemudian lanjutkan kembali kegiatan Anda.

2. Jangan mengeluh bila Anda menghadapi kesulitan tetapi lakukanlah hal berikut ini. Tutuplah mata Anda, tarik nafas panjang, tahan sebentar dan kemudian hembuskan pelan-pelan dari mulut Anda, buka mata Anda, tersenyumlah dan
pikirkanlah bahwa suatu saat nanti Anda akan bersyukur atas semua yang terjadi pada saat ini.

3. Biasakan diri untuk tidak ikut-ikutan mengeluh bila Anda sedang bersama teman-teman yang sedang mengeluh dan beri tanggapan yang positif atau tidak sama sekali. Selalu berpikir positif dan lihatlah perubahan dalam hidup Anda.

"Semakin banyak Anda bersyukur kepada Tuhan atas apa yang Anda miliki, maka semakin banyak hal yang akan Anda miliki untuk disyukuri."


The worst feeling…

Last Friday night, I lost my O2 mini handphone.  It felt as if a part of me is lost.  I have tried searching my car, my bag, the carpark, the office, the restroom, and all other places that I can think of, until I have come to the conclusion that someone has stole it.  I had trouble sleeping that night.  Well, it’s not because how much it had cost me to purchase it, but more than that, I have lost my personal notes, sermon notes, recordings, bible bookmarks, and so on and so forth… I have just realized how that device have become the extension of my brain, and I am no longer the same without it.

That experience reminded me of how much God yearn for all of His people to come back to Him.  We are created to become His joy and masterpiece, and yet most of the time we choose to get away.  When we get away from God, I can imagine how much pain it brings to His heart.  He becomes restless and yes, He keeps searching for us until we come back to Him once again.  I never realized that by losing my handphone, God is trying to teach me how we as God’s sons and daughters most of the time doesn’t care about the lost souls.  Our mind is occupied with our worldly duties and our hearts have gone numb to the people’s need of salvation.  Maybe this is a wake up call to all of us, especially to me.  The feeling of losing a handphone is deep enough to teach me how God feels when His ultimate creation has gone lost.  It is like the shepherd who kept searching for the lost sheep, it’s like the woman who have lost her diamond earring, so do we need to be vigilant in finding lost souls and bring them back to God.


PS: The worst feeling is actually when I said something that hurt my dearest love’s heart.  It just kills me when she poured out her heart to me and all I can say is that I am such a big idiot and that I am truly sorry & I love you, hun…

About Taking Risk

Well, it’s time for me to write about the only thing that’s always on my mind ever since I came back home…

Now that I’m here, what am I going to do?

It is the same one question that almost all my friends were asking me, and to their disappointment I always answer: I have no idea… Well, at least not yet.  I called my discipler a few weeks ago and he told me to be still and hear God’s word.  Yeah, I know God will tell me in due time the very thing that He has prepared for me.  Nevertheless, so far I haven’t seen the light at the end of the tunnel.  I am still trying to grasp for clues and leads around me, and though there are a few paths, I am still not sure which one exactly God wants me to pursue.  Even more now that the petrol price has sky-rocketed and the level of uncertainties risen to an unprecedented level, all adds up the complexities for me to decide the necessary steps that I need to take.

Then last weekend, God spoke to me one thing through a good friend that I haven’t met for ages: "You will fail if you are afraid to fail. You will fail if you don’t take any risks."

Actually when he told me this, I didn’t realize that this statement is so important.  I have heard this before in sermons and books (I even put it in my earlier blog), but it never down on me until the night when I couldn’t sleep and remembered those words.  The truth started to sink in: I will fail if I’m afraid to fail. I will fail if I’m not taking any risks.  I realized that I am creating my own comfort zone now, and I will not be sucessful if I’m just staying put surrounded with what I am comfortable with.

More statements from the past kept on ringing in my ear: "When in doubt, do too much."  "When in doubt, move."

The very next day, my sister in Melbourne called and asked me about her finance course assignment.  Thanks to her, I began to open my finance textbooks and learn finance again.  To my surprise, the textbook speaks of similar matter as what my friend told me the day before.  In the chapter about risk & capital budgeting it stated "If you know everything about there is to know about a new product, it’s not going to be a good business. There have to be some major uncertainties to be resolved. This is the only way to ge a product with a major profit opportunity."

Now, this truth applies to both fronts: my career life and my relationship with others.  I have been very afraid to charter a new path in both frontiers, and now I know that without taking adequate risks, I won’t gain anything.

Then I asked "Now that I know I have to take adequate risks, what then?"  This time the answer comes instantly.  I remember my good friend in Singapore always said "when you can’t see His hands, trust His heart."  I believe this is the first and foremost step before we can plan our ways, because if we don’t plan anything, then Satan will give one of his to us and it is not pretty.  This is also being confirmed by notes from another good friend which mentioned that one of the key to gain a success is through the power of relying on God’s providence.

So God has shown me the first step to take, and it is now up to me to move with Him…  It’s time for me to trust His heart and start drafting my plan, believing that He’s with me all the way.  Amen!


PS: To Yoan, Ivan, Beni, Margie, Abet & Angie…  God bless you all!


Me_the_kids     This past weekend, one of my colleague were setting up a farewell party in his house for another colleague who’s migrating to Australia later this week.  I was invited along with the others in our office department.  All of my colleagues brought their kids along, and the farewell party automatically became the kids party.  At first my focus was on the food, because the "ayam serondeng" that my colleague’s mom made was among the best chicken that I ever tasted.  No kidding, man.  I still remember the taste, and just writing about it makes me hungry…

      After having my dinner, I started to watch for the kids so their parents can have their dinner in peace.  Well, I actually didn’t think that I could be a baby-sitter, but it just so happened to be that way.  The kids were running around the apartment playing, and soon enough I got involved.  Those self-proclaimed "policemen" started shooting at me and labeled me the "big bad boy" (BBB), so I decided to play along.  Lucky for BBB, he found a "machine gun" and started shooting back. 🙂  This went for about ten minutes, but finally it Surrenderbecame a one-sided contest once the girls were involved in a join-attack with their "dragon" weapon… I was easily overcome and then I unconditionally surrendered.

    Though the event was tiring on my part, it was a time well-spent.  No doubt about it, especially if I compare it with my original plan to watch Turkish F1 Grand Prix on TV alone.  🙂  But even then, there’s one incident where the boys accidentally "brushed" their plastic guns into one of the girl’s face and made her cry.  Thank God she’s alright, though her face became a bit reddish.

     I truly enjoy playing with those kids, and I can only imagine the parent’s joy of having such beautiful presents from God.  No wonder people call a newborn baby as "bundle of joy".  But at the same token, I can only imagine how hard it is for the parents to raise their kids: feed them, bathe them, clothe them, teach them, discipline them, etc.  Yep, I can play with the kids, but I don’t know how to raise one.  At least not just yet. 🙂

     Watching the kids play reminded me of what Jesus did in Mark 10:13-16.  He said "Unless you accept God’s kingdom in the simplicity of a child, you’ll never get in."  Jesus loves kids, and it showed when he gathered the children up in His arms and laid His hands of blessing on them.

     However, God didn’t stop there.  To show His love for us, He sent Jesus so we can be saved and able to become His children.  God has created mankind solely to bring pleasure and glory to Himself.  He loved us so much, even He gave Jesus to die on the cross so we can be saved and may call Him "Abba, Father".  We are God’s bundles of joy, His pleasure, the apple of His eye.  Also, in the similar way as parents raise their kids, God wants to raise us as His children too.  He will carry us, feed us, discipline us, and equip us with His love, knowledge, and wisdom so we can grow up and be more like Jesus.

     Thank you Lord for making me Your children, Your bundle of joy.  For that reason alone, You are worthy of my worship and praise forever.   May my life become a delight in Your eyes.


Go Round-And-Around…

Preroundandaround_1      Last Sunday I went to the Singapore National Day carnival at Marina Bay.  One of my friend was kind enough to pre-booked the ticket for us for half the list price.  But when we got there, we could actually purchase the ticket at the same price… 🙂  Anyway, we went to the carnival and since the ticket came with free admission to any rides, we decided to take one of them rides which we go round and around (I forget the exact name).  All of us looked very happy prior to the ride as shown in the left picture…

Roundandaround      Once the ride started, it was still in a manageable speed.  I even had the chance to take some blurry pictures and capture a video clip as well (seize the day!).  Then it speed up until I could no longer take the picture (I needed to hold on to the hand grips with both hands).  Then it slowed for a few seconds before that thing started to speed up again, this time the guy who controlled the ride was not joking.  It became faster and faster, until my head hit the back of the seat (fortunately I didn’t accidentally throw my camera out)…  After what seemed to be a lifetime, the ride came to a complete stop.  Dizzy and sweaty, we came down and walked out from there and tried very hard to laugh it out.

     There were some subtle differences among some of us who took the ride.  Some needed to get some quiet time before they can move on, some tried to walk it off and drink soda, but some were just laughing their heart out and went to take another ride right after.  Thank God, nobody threw up.  🙂  I happened to be in the second group, though the urge to take the next ride was there.  Yet, the dizziness still lingered until an hour later.  I guess that was the sign of aging.  Oh well, I’m not as young as I used to be… 😦

     Later on when I saw the pictures I took during the ride, I started to realize the lesson God was trying to tell me.  The ride may represent life’s tribulation that comes our way.  Sometimes we step into the problem unaware of what lies ahead.  We often look down on the situation and think that we can handle it by ourselves. But when the tribulation started to hit us, we suddenly realize that we need to hold on to the hand grips which is our faith.  Without the grip, we will be thrown out of our seat and who knows what might happen.  After the tribulation, some may sadly lose their faith.  Some may need a spiritual retreat to get back on track.  Others may try to rejuvenate their sorrow and pains with doing other activities that will remove their thoughts from the problem.  But the ones that are spiritually fit can right away walk out of the trial with joy, come out stronger, molded, and shaped according to what God has planned and ready to face the future.

     God allows trials and tribulation to shape our characters to be more like Christ.  It is part of God’s training.  We need to eat our spiritual food regularly and rely on God so that we can be strong against any storms that might come our way.  We can’t go away and hid from the trials and tribulation that come to our lives, so the best way to face trial and tribulation is to be spiritually fit and have a strong grip on our faith in Jesus.  We can boldly believe that once tested, we will come out stronger than ever before.


PS: To Olive, Leon, Sina, Yoel, Ronny & Jesclyn…  Keep serving Him, y’all.  ^_^